BIENNALE - Sant’Elena Park - 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms (Venice)

Address: Calle Generale Chinotto n.11, 30132 Venezia

Very quiet place especially in the morning. In the afternoon the park fills in with playing children and families.
From the terrace you can see the Sant'Elena gardens.
In a few minutes walk you can reach the Biennale Gardens expositions and the Castello area, one of the most characteristic district of Venice, where you will find very few tourists.
There's some little restaurants frequented by locals near the apartment and a pharmacy downstairs.
It’s only a three minutes walk to take the vaporetto (public boat)

Walking distance to San Marco Square: 26 minutes.
Walking distance to Rialto Bridge: 34 minutes.
Vaporetto (public boat) time to Railway Station Santa Lucia: 35 minutes.
Vaporetto (public boat) time to Piazzale Roma (cars and busses): 25 minutes.

Closest Vaporetto:
Sant'Elena , 3 minutes walking. Bridges: 0. Lines: 1,4.1,4.2,5.1,5.2,6,7


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