It’s a spider web in the web

For days I had been thinking on a good metaphor to describe a complete Manager Site, a website where all is in place and makes money with little effort.

The theory goes that once you  have found the apartments (villas, houses, riads….), prepared the website, got traffic and created credibility, your job is done: you can sit down, relax and simply watch the money come in.

This may sound too good to be true and I am not going to try to convince you otherwise, but I am experiencing this everyday with my own ugly, old, incomplete system.

Only one employee follows over 1400 apartments and assists Owners and Customers whenever they need some help.

Every day I simply see how much money gets in.

There is no more development, SEO or any special super Social Network cutting edge trick, just the basic Twitter and Facebook news about the latest ratings. Continue reading It’s a spider web in the web

How Adormo was funded by its future customers

When I started this business ten years ago I had just 2500 euro (in Liras) left in my pocket.
I had left my job and spent one year traveling in Australia and Asia, so I was close to broke.
I was supposed to go back to work.

But I desperately wanted to keep travelling and I had an idea: online apartments reservations.

So i drove from Venice to Prague’s railway station, where I made a few agreements with apartments owners,  built a site in geocities (!) and I got my first reservation a few days later.
It was a glorious moment: money online. Wow.
So I started this, and the litte profit I made (after living and travelling expenses) was always reinvested.

I never asked money anyone.
No funders, Angels, VCs. Just me.

But when, a couple of years ago,  I had the new idea for Adormo I knew I was going to need  some capital.
It was a big project, too big for me alone. Continue reading How Adormo was funded by its future customers