Adormo upgrade – 28th of June 2011

Hello All,

Ok, new upgrade done today!

1) Manager Site > let Manager add Owners, commissions, PL and apartments

This is interesting for you only if you are a Manager (*).

Now, when a new Owner comes in your website, opens an account and adds an accommodation, you can assign him/her to you (it’s more or less like shouting “this one is mine!!!!”) and display his/her apartments in your website.
Until yesterday you had to ask Admin to do this for you and Admin was tired so he decided for the “Do It Yourself” option.

If you are a Niche Manager, note that you can build your Niche Manager Site by yourself, but make sure the legitimate Manager allows you to use his/her apartments/villas etc..we’ll add more checks (like, both agree so it can be done) later, for now please behave.

You can also define the Commission and the Price Level.

(*) A Manager manages a website and the Owners in is online reservations website. Continue reading Adormo upgrade – 28th of June 2011

The sorry state of Ratings

I’m in Vietnam right now.
I flew into Hanoi and I am slowly making south to, 17 days later, reach Saigon and go back to Bangkok.

Other than sightseeing I am doing two things:

1) Discovering the joys of online reservation even when travelling solo and basically backpacking.

2) Creating website, for fun and test.

3) Discovering with horror that ratings I find online are not as reliable as I hoped. Continue reading The sorry state of Ratings