Adormo upgrade – 14th of July 2011

This is a light update, we mostly added some small improvements and fixed a few bugs.

In the meantime we have been working on a bigger thing, namely the upgrade to Google Maps API 3 which will make maps fast.
This is to say that what you read below is not all we did in two weeks.

  • Prices > if I insert by week, divide by 7 and insert by night 

    Now if you mostly work with prices per week you don’t need to insert prices per day.
    Say that your price per week is 700, the system will calculate 100 per night for you.
    No need to go in “per night” and insert.
    Of course if it’s 120 per night just go and change.
    We have also re-factored the whole prices section (improved the code, made it more stable) which is something you don’t see and probably don’t care as the oil in the car until it breaks down. These things just need to be done but are not flashy and bring no love to us.
    But they need to be done and we do them.
    Please note that you may find some duplicate seasons, if you do please delete one of them.
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What’s an Adormo Manager?

A Manager is the person responsible for a certain city.

The Manager is the person who finds the Owners, goes to see them, visits the apartments/houses/villas, helps the Owners to add the accommodations in the system, explains how it works and supports them through their experience in Adormo.

The Manager also helps Customers get in touch with Owners, suggests them which Owners and accommodation is suitable for them and so on. He/She is the local contact the Customer can trust.

In case of problems for the Customer or Owners, the Manager is there to help. Always.

In other words the Manager is like the a Big Loving Mother who makes sure her children (Owners and Customers) are ok. Continue reading What’s an Adormo Manager?