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Bali. Alessandro meets Made and visits his house.

When you reserve an accommodation online you are alone.

Sure, you can (sometimes) talk to the Owner directly and often there’s a Customer Support number.
The trouble is: the Owner will try to sell you his/her accommodation and won’t probably be very objective while the Customer Support doesn’t know much about the specific accommodation you are interested in.

We try to fill this gap by Meeting the Owners, Visiting the accommodations and sometimes even Testing them (yes, we sleep there).

I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years in Eastern Europe and Guests really appreciate the feedback on that.

Now, we want to build Adormo around this concept: you are not alone, there’s a Manager for you there and he/she knows the Owners and the Accommodations. Continue reading The Verification Widget

Adormo Meetings: Pordenone (Italy) 30-31 July 2011 – Part Two

<< Continued from Part 1

Discussing SEO strategies considering the last Social Network trends

Marketing 2012

Next year we’ll be mostly done with the basic features of the system and we will devote more resources to marketing.
We’re planning to visit the ITB in March in Berlin and see what’s up, print some materials to present to Owners and new Managers (coordinated business card, flyers, folders and so on), online campaigns, media kits, statistics sheet and so on.

We haven’t done much so far in this aspect as we haven’t really cooked the whole cake yet, so it’s to early to shout around how good it is.
But next year we will and we better start now planning it. Continue reading Adormo Meetings: Pordenone (Italy) 30-31 July 2011 – Part Two

Adormo Meetings: Pordenone (Italy) 30-31 July 2011

We forgot (!) to take a group picture and honestly after all the wine we did not look that good. So I decided this home made lasagna will take care of building our online reputation.

Last weekend we had our 9th Adormo meeting in a nice old country house in Pordenone, North Eastern Italy.

Fabrizio and Michelle, two new Managers for Bratislava, kindly invited us in their “party” house and we spent a nice couple of days talking, eating home (papà) made lasagne,  bbq and pizza, and playing table tennis and table football.

For some mysterious reason Fabrizio thought that the Adormo meetings are about having fun while business is taken care by the Apache server (yes, I said that eventually it will kind of look like this for Managers but not just yet!!!) and he was shocked when he found out he had to wake up at around 8:30  (10 am being a closer target for a weekend) and that “no, we are not going to play table football right now, we have to discuss marketing for 2012”.

At the end we found a good balance, working hard and giving up at around 5 pm on Sunday, when the kids were finally free to play.

There were about fourteen of us plus some potential Managers on Sunday.
Here below you will find what we discussed about :

How was the summer?

This was our first meeting in six months (except the mini-meetings eating food street in the room in Bangkok with Alessandro and Andrea) and for most it was the first where they could say they had made some money.

Reservations started coming in in the spring and became common during the summer, so we listened to the various experiences and discussed various strategies.

Adormo Manager’s site have started to generate income for some, and the future looks good! Continue reading Adormo Meetings: Pordenone (Italy) 30-31 July 2011