New areas and niches coming up

I am happy to announce that we have recently closed a few contracts with existing and new Managers who will help us grow.
These are the new areas and niches they will work on:


Taormina, Sicily, Italy: – apartments in Taormina-Etna
Lago di Como, Italy: just started
Tenerife, Spain: not yet started
Cape Verde: not yet started
Salvador de Bahia, Brazil: not yet started


Accommodations in water Sports spots (surf, kite, windsurf etc..), world: just started
Accommodations for Families, world: coming soon (this was fast! Congratulations!)
Lakes, Northern Italy: coming soon

More areas and niches are being discussed, so I hope to come with some more good news soon.

Adormo upgrade – 20th of September 2011

Small upgrade today.

Search Widget > Fast Autosuggest

When you start typing a location name, the system suggests some. It used to take a couple of seconds. Now we hired one of those guys who honk 0.012 seconds after the traffic light has become green and we are almost as fast.

Try it out on where there’s many different locations. Continue reading Adormo upgrade – 20th of September 2011

Adormo stats: where we are now (2)

11 months since Beta launch:

  • 62 Websites
  • 2082 Accommodations
  • 21 Managers
  • 665 Owners
  • 18 Countries
  • 32 Cities
  • 160 Verifications (actually more, we are still inserting them)
It’s still slow growth compared to what we could do, but it’s growth and we are still in Beta and developing.
We definitely would love more Managers in areas where we are not strong.
Have a look at the map and let us know if you want to join!