Local Blindness

I’m now preparing some marketing material for the upcoming tourism fairs in Milan and Berlin.
We’ll target potential Managers amongst the established online reservations companies around the world.
This requires a completely different approach as we’ll be talking to people who know their trade.
What do we have to offer to them?
Or, better: what’s the problem we can solve for them?

Back to the marketing material.
What is it for? Are we really going to get customers (Managers on this case) by delivering them shiny brochures in expensive looking folders?
I’ve been in exhibitions all over the world and I remember people carrying kilograms of brochures in 4-wheeled trolleys.
They probably burn them around a campfire when they get home.
I’ve been sitting in boots talking all day to agents from all over the world.
It’s interesting and tiring. But your brain can’t cope with all that information in one day.
Trade shows are there so that you can look your partner in the eyes, shake hands and get a feeling of the other person.
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Adormo.com – No More Lonely Bookings


That’s it. We found our soul.
I mean, Adormo’s soul.

After a long time during which my brain was deep into development mode, I started thinking a bit more marketing wise.

We are still mostly developing, as what we are, depends strongly on the platform we are building, but 2012 is the year when we’ll come out from the dungeons and will go around the world saying: “We are here too. Look what we’re doing”.

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Testing the apartments’ usability


buy me, I am cheap and useful!

When we travel we try to stay in apartments/houses and avoid hotels.
Often we even test them, meaning that we analyze the apartments and write a review about the experience, so at the end of the stay the Owner gets a lot of interesting feedback.

What I like most about testing is that the changes we suggest are almost always free or very cheap to implement, but they bring a lot of value.

Here’s four examples:

1) The missing Kitchen Cloth

Once I cleaned a coffee cup in the sink and then looked for a cloth to dry my hands.

It was not there, so I used the kitchen paper. I was a bit sorry, as it was a waste of paper.
In the whole morning I think I dried my hands about five times.

So I went in the bathroom and took the small towel…and I realized this is something I do very often in apartments.
I think 40% of apartments I test do not have a kitchen cloth.
40% of tourist apartments do not have an item which is instead present in 100% of kitchen in the whole world.
I mean, have you ever seen a real kitchen without a kitchen cloth?

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