Adormo “Chiapas we’re coming” Reviews upgrade – 26th of May 2012

Why “Chiapas” in the Upgrade name? Because after two months of very hard work in Playa and Tulum we are going for a long (and working) trip around Mexico. Chiapas first, then we’ll see. That’s the magic of working online.
Screens and keyboards are fine, but we need the road to keep us sane.

Just one word: Reviews!

You know: Guest comes, stays and writes what he/she thinks about the place.
The Final Truth (maybe). Continue reading Adormo “Chiapas we’re coming” Reviews upgrade – 26th of May 2012

Server Upgrade “Tulum”

Adormo is growing fast and we decided to upgrade the server to keep up with the traffic, increase speed, security and general reliability.

Tonight at midnight in Europe we’ll do the switch.
What does this mean to you:

– From midnight in Europe Adormo and all Adormo websites will not be available for at least 2 hours.
– Each website will have new DNS and this may be very fast or it may take up to 48 hours (this is quite rare). So, some websites will be up and running at 2 am and some will have to wait until DNS propagation (which depends on the Gods of Internet, not us) is completed.

Tomorrow morning you’ll wake up and we hope you won’t even notice.

In case something goes wrong (and with these things something always does), we’ll be up fixing them as they come.
There’s two of us in Tulum (Mexico), one in Poland and one in Italy monitoring that all goes well.

Plus all the Managers who, as soon as something looks suspicious, alert us.

The New Server

Until now we run on one dedicated server in the United States. If that went down, all went down.
From tomorrow we’ll be on a Distributed System with several nodes.
This basically means that Adormo will be on several servers and not one.
One server will do email, one database, one stores images and so on (I am being very basic and not precise, to be simple), so if one goes down the rest works.
Also, we have nodes which replicate each others. Master and Slaves. If one goes down, the other one kicks in and nobody notices anything.
Backups and Restore will be much more solid too, so your data is even safer.
We’ll be much more protected against attacks and malicious software as we’ll have a firewall which denies access to critical elements.
In other words: the bad guys will be kicking at the door but nobody will open.

Plus, we moved to London, closer to our customer base, so European users will be served faster.

Another advantage: if Adormo keeps growing like this, we simply add nodes, storage and RAM, and we’ll be ok.
So, this configuration will be able to bring us very far.

Wish us luck!



We have completed the transfer to the new server and all works fine.
It’s much faster now too!


Email Servers Update

Emails have been migrated successfully.
This is important for you only if you have an email address with us ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected] SITE).

If you have issues please contact us at [email protected]