Apartmentoski migration to Adormo



21.01.2013: We have moved MinskApartments.com
09.01.2013: We have moved MyKievApartments.com
04.01.2013: We have moved MyGdanskApartments.com
28.12.2012: We have moved Apartmentoski.com
21.12.2012: We have moved MyBudapestpartments.com
5.11.2012: We have moved MyRigaApartments.com
2.11.2012: We have moved MyVilniusApartments.com
19.10.2012: We have moved MyKrakowApartments.com
18.10.2012: We have moved MyTallinnApartments.com

Previously we moved: MyPragueapartments.com , PragueCheapFlats.com, BudapestCheapFlats.comRigaAccommodation.com


Access to the old Apartmentoski

You can access everything via http://www.myapartments.eu: balance, reservations, tickets…
We will keep your information online for the whole 2013.
MyApartments.eu has only Western Europe apartments, so you don’t need to update calendars and prices unless you have apartments there.

Too Long to Read?

This article’s few key concepts:

  • We have a new system called Adormo which will completely subsitute Apartmentoski soon.
  • All our websites will be powered by Adormo.
  • We have already started to move our websites and will be done in a few months.
  • When we are done, your Account in Apartmentoski will be closed.
  • We suggest you to start now to manage your apartments in Adormo.

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