Everybody hates xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com

A local coffee company and a local sandwich maker would fit better in this historical street, right?


Krakow 5.10.12

I won’t say the name of this company as my aim is not to bash the competition (we are not competition for them, to small even to mention).
All I want to do is to inform our Owners and share what I am learning while travelling around Eastern Europe.

Why? Well, if there’s one thing I learned about the internet is that you first have to give and then you shall receive.
In this case what I give is fresh, from-the-road, perspective. What I shall receive I don’t know :)

Who is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com?

Why don’t say their name?
Well, they’re big and could sue me,  knock at my door to keep me awake all night and so on.
It’s just not worth it and I am sure you’ll know who I am talking about if you work with them (and see below why it does not even matter who they are).

What I want to tell you is that your problem is shared by others (if you have it of course) and the reason I dedicate an article to this is that it seems to be a widespread, strong, feeling. Continue reading Everybody hates xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com