The Adormo Network

The next step in our project is to create a network of great local professionals.
We want to present our guests with a list of the best websites in each city.

They will be able to reserve with confidence, knowing that the person they are dealing with has been selected and lives in the area, so he can give all the local information and help they need.

We have started creating the network of our own websites.
Now each time a guest comes in one of our websites, she will know that we can serve her also in other cities.
If she liked the experience with the first one, she’ll probably give a try with a second one.
Same account, same system. Easy.

So far we have simply put this list in the home page.




So from today when you come in Adormo you will see who we are and then move on to the specific website of your needs.
There you’ll find a local Manager who will be able to help you with your reservation personally.

Then we added the links to the control panel, so if a guest is writing for a reservation in Milan, he may also notice that we are present in Rome and Venice.
At last, every networked website shows “powered by Adormo”, and points to the list in the home page.



That’s just the beginning. We intend to improve on that and find more creative ways to keep the guests with us.
But that’s not as important as creating a real network: we are just 30/40 websites now (10 are still under consideration).
What we want to do now is to start inviting other leading websites to join us.

The long term plan is to have a local Manager in each city in the world.
Our next step will be to produce an offer and make it easy to join.