All the eggs in one Airbnb – 1st part

View from an apartment we recently added in Venice



Tl;dr: a list of reasons why you should try to get bookings from multiple sources. In this article: quality and price are out of your control.


Let’s say that you are doing very well and are having a pretty easy life in getting you apartment filled in.
You say “I have my apartment in Airbnb and it sends me enough customers. I don’t need other channels”.

First of all let me congratulate with you: it means you did a good job in terms of apartment quality, location and pricing and probably more.

The Airbnb algorithm likes you.

That will allow you to get many good reviews and the Airbnb algorithm will like you even more.

Good for you.
Now, let’s analyze the things that are going well:

  • Good apartment
  • Good price
  • Good location
  • Good reviews
  • Good Airbnb search results

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The Adormo story

Last week I met many mentors.
In order to make it more interesting I decided to first tell them my story.

I told it about 16 times and now I decided to write it down.
So, in case you want to introduce Adormo you can share it with your friends, investors and mentors.

It’s short (as 13 years can be),  and to the point.


2001 – the idea

I spent the year 2000 around Australia and Asia, came back to Italy determined to make some money online and travel forever and had an idea which could work.

It worked.

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