Adormo Honest Photography

Your usual apartment shoot shows the  best and hides the rest.
This, I think, is a legacy from past times when selling was done via brochures, marketing pictures and smiling people on the bed of your hotel.

But something has changed.

Today what really sells are reviews.

Or, more precisely, you make your first sales with pictures and all the other ones with reviews.
In the long term reviews will sell 90% of your nights.

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Our 3D Floor plans

Recently I realized that in all online reservation listings in the world something is missing.

You see pictures, you read the description and yet…you don’t know how the apartment actually is.

Some people try to solve the problem with floor plans like this:

(Well, this one is particularly ugly, I did it on a blackboard myself!)

The trouble with 2d Floor plans is that you need to elaborate them with your brain to make sense out of them.
They help, but you don’t actually…see.
You try to imagine.

But since most of the times you are browsing apartments very quickly, you don’t have the time to make the effort to imagine.

So, you don’t know how the apartment really is when you book it.

We tried to partially solve this problem with this, again ugly…thing:

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All the eggs in one Airbnb – 2nd part

View from an apartment we recently added in Venice


Tl;dr: a list of reasons why you should try to get bookings from multiple sources. In this article: Reviews and Search Rankings (in Airbnb and similar)

back to the list:

3) Good Location

A good location usually stays good. Of course there may be  a mega-project which makes a nearby area better, they may shut down the metro/tram for a while or a new building obstructs your view and there’s construction noise for the next 6 months but…ok, let’s skip this one.
There’s greater dangers to worry about.

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