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We are the niche

The house where I stay in Bali. This would deserve a niche website.

Imagine a world where there are only two kinds of shops:

  • Huge Hypermarkets where you can buy everything.
  • Very small dirty shops down the road where it’s a pain to buy anything.

I’m in Bali right now and I get both.

Whenever I need something I grab my bike and go to a small shop.
It’s not the smoothest experience but I usually get what I need. Well, almost (I am never sure I paid the right price though).

When I need to buy a lot of stuff I start a one-hour-each-way journey to the Carrefour.
It’s a shocking experience (which my wife loves) because I am in Bali and I shouldn’t be in a Carrefour. Or a Starbucks or a McDonalds.

The moment I enter the mall, I feel somebody is drying up my soul.
I am in Bali. It’s magic. A moment later I am in a shopping mall and I could be anywhere in the world and see exactly the same things (except the Durian).
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Adormo upgrade – 3 March 2011

One of the nice things of having your apartments website with Adormo is that you get  these free upgrades once in a while.

Your website just gets better and all you have to do it wait.

Anyway, let’s see what’s new this time:


New Features

1) Change Font


Now you can change the font of your website with one click. Just go to

Your Website > Look & Feel

and click one of the available fonts, see it in the Preview and if you like it Save.

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Welcome to!

A feature you don't need to do anything for: apartment map with street view
A feature you don't need to do anything for: apartment map with street view

If you operate in any way in apartments online rentals, this place is for you.
We have been working hard for quite a long time to bring a solution to one of our biggest problems: the website.

Let’s face it: creating and managing a good website for your online apartments is a real pain in the neck.
I, for one, know this very well, having struggled years and years with it.
It’s easy to have a website but it’s very time consuming and very expensive if you want  a good one.
You know, one which works.

Why? Mostly because 99% of operators in the field are not programmers or tech companies.
You are tourist companies. You are expert in serving customers, not in writing code.
Building a website has nothing to do with tourism, it’s purely a technical effort.

So why do you have to worry about it?
If  we had to worry how to build a mobile phone before using it, we would never be able to place calls.
Instead we go in the shop, buy the phone, buy the sim and start doing business on it.

With websites it should be the same.

But that’s not all.
When you have the website, you realize nobody can see it and nobody reserves so, off we go, to some SEO company who promises that the money you spend in optimization comes back multiplied.

Does it? No, most of the time it does not, we all know that.
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