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Adormo “Book Now” upgrade – 29th of June 2012

Many people wonder why we decided to release the Book Now feature so late in the development process.

After all an online reservation website is all about a guest coming in, making a search, choosing a good apartment and reserving online, right?

Well, yes, that’s the theory and it works perfectly for hotels.
But vacation rentals are a different story.

See, before we allow an Owner to use Book Now we need to make sure that:

  • Availability Calendars are reliable.
  • Prices are correct.
  • The Owner is ok with accepting reservations without talking to the Guest before.

and this leaves out probably 70% of the Owners.

The remaining 30% will have to fight for the small fraction of Guests who actually want to Book Now. Many Guests have questions, doubts, special requests.
They need to talk to the Owner before.  That’s what our Tickets (Messages) feature is for, and works great.

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Adormo upgrade – 1st of March 2012

This Update took long to prepare because we have created the Tickets.

But we’ve done a few new things too. Here they are:


Tickets are very important because now all the communication can happen inside the system and we have an environment where the Guest gets the best both worlds:

– The Owner’s knowledge about his/her apartment and neighbourhood
– The Manager’s knowledge of the whole area and the apartment (if visited)

This is new for all of us.

We have to find out the best way to use this new tool to make our Guests feel they’ve found a new way to reserve.

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