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The right mix of local knowledge and technology

last summer days in Prague on Riegrovy sady

I’ve arrived in Prague on Tuesday and I already had the chance to meet a few Owners.
One of the main reasons I started this trip around Eastern Europe is to understand what’s going on.

Before I dig into it, I’d like to kind of “save for later” the perception I have now about the market situation, as I am pretty sure I will learn so much that in a few weeks it will be very very different.

So, how do I see it right now?

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Adormo is a Platform


When you add  your apartment (or house, villa, bungalow etc..) in Adormo, you are not adding it just one website.
You are adding it in potentially many websites.

It starts with one normally, but after that the Managers see it and may ask you to add it to their websites too.

The nice part is that you don’t have to do anything: you only update your pictures, prices, descriptions, calendar etc…once.
Any change is automatically and immediately reflected in all the websites you are part of.

You just have to say yes and wait for customers.


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We are the niche

The house where I stay in Bali. This would deserve a niche website.

Imagine a world where there are only two kinds of shops:

  • Huge Hypermarkets where you can buy everything.
  • Very small dirty shops down the road where it’s a pain to buy anything.

I’m in Bali right now and I get both.

Whenever I need something I grab my bike and go to a small shop.
It’s not the smoothest experience but I usually get what I need. Well, almost (I am never sure I paid the right price though).

When I need to buy a lot of stuff I start a one-hour-each-way journey to the Carrefour.
It’s a shocking experience (which my wife loves) because I am in Bali and I shouldn’t be in a Carrefour. Or a Starbucks or a McDonalds.

The moment I enter the mall, I feel somebody is drying up my soul.
I am in Bali. It’s magic. A moment later I am in a shopping mall and I could be anywhere in the world and see exactly the same things (except the Durian).
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