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We accept Bitcoins!

Adormo accepts bitcoins


From today you can book your apartment, house or villa on paying the deposit in Bitcoins!
The currency is gaining popularity but there are still relatively few places you can spend your bitcoins.
Today there’s one more we are happy to accept them!


How to pay for your booking in Bitcoins

It’s pretty simple, chose an apartment and when you are asked to pay here , and use the BitPay payment button.
If you prefer to pay directly, let us know you wish to use Bitcoins, we will tell you the amount and you will send the money to our wallet.


Things to know

  • You still need to pay the rest locally with a local currency (Euros or others, according to what the owner tells you).
  • This is right now valid only when booking in
    2) Any other Adormo site which sends you to pay here,
  • We will apply exchange rate as displayed in
  • If you don’t use the BitPay payment button, we will give you 6 hours to pay. In those hours the value of bitcoin will probably increase/decrease a lot.
    If it decreases (good for you) don’t worry and pay the same amount, you’ll save money. If it increases  (bad for you) you can use them or if you prefer pay via Paypal, Skrill or Bank.

Thoughts on the Airbnb/Craiglist issue and how we will grow

There’s been a lot of discussion on the recent discovery that Airbnb, one of the fastest growing online accommodation rentals websites, has spammed Craiglist users to collect renters.
I have a lot of respect for Airbnb, both for their website and their approach to the accommodation problem, and I am sorry to see this has happened.
They were supposed to be the cool new guys in this industry, bringing ideas and much needed oxygen, not spammers.
I really welcomed them, and still do, even if they are competitors.

But why would such a cool website need to resort to spamming for growth?

Well, because it’s hard to convince the owners to add their property on yet another website and add one more round of update-prices-update-calendar-learn-system-get-maybe-requests-follow-the-internal-rules-maybe-get-reservation and…pay for it.
I have met too many owners around the world not to be aware of the fact that they spend way too much energy and time updating calendars. Continue reading Thoughts on the Airbnb/Craiglist issue and how we will grow

How Adormo was funded by its future customers

When I started this business ten years ago I had just 2500 euro (in Liras) left in my pocket.
I had left my job and spent one year traveling in Australia and Asia, so I was close to broke.
I was supposed to go back to work.

But I desperately wanted to keep travelling and I had an idea: online apartments reservations.

So i drove from Venice to Prague’s railway station, where I made a few agreements with apartments owners,  built a site in geocities (!) and I got my first reservation a few days later.
It was a glorious moment: money online. Wow.
So I started this, and the litte profit I made (after living and travelling expenses) was always reinvested.

I never asked money anyone.
No funders, Angels, VCs. Just me.

But when, a couple of years ago,  I had the new idea for Adormo I knew I was going to need  some capital.
It was a big project, too big for me alone. Continue reading How Adormo was funded by its future customers