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Our new website in Grado, Italy

grado apartments

Last month we went to Grado, a beach resort in the North East of Italy, quite close to Trieste to see how we could enter that market.

The initial idea was to find a local Manager who would join us and open a website with us.
So we visited several local agencies and we soon found out that the easiest way was to assign the job to Pier, our Manager for Lignano and Bibione, as he’s already been successful in opening those markets, rather than train somebody from there.

Pier lives close to Grado so he can drive there as often as needed. Continue reading Our new website in Grado, Italy

The Network as a Marketing channel

The Adormo network is an advanced marketing channel.

A common approach to the marketing problem is to create a visually nice website and then invest in Adwords or similar programs.
Usually these campaigns are managed by professional SEM people who are great with Adwords but don’t know much about our industry.

So you give them, say, 5000 Euros and hope they bring in 10.000 in reservations.

They tend to miss the subtle specificity of the accommodation industry and as a result usually are less efficient than they could be.
It other words: the money you invest could bring you more reservations.


Here’s why joining the network can be a more efficient way to market your business:

1) We manage the Adwords campaigns. We are both Adwords and online reservation experts. That makes it more efficient.

2) The customer trust you more because he/she sees you are part of a worldwide network.

3) You reach more markets: we can easily add languages you don’t have yet. There’s always some opportunity in new markets. So, let’s say you add Russian: from your main website you can link to the russian version of the Adormo site in russian.


Here you can see how to join the Network