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Adormo “Playa del Carmen” upgrade – 15th of April 2012

Adormo Playa del Carmen Upgrade. That's us after the hard work.

From today we’ll name our upgrades.
Today’s is called “Playa del Carmen” because I am here, in Mexico with our lead developer and we launched it from a little house not far from the beach.

Ok, that was just to give some color to an otherwise boring article.

In the 45 days since the Tickets launch we have added many improvements and adjustments, while today we added a couple of new nice things.

1) Ready Messages

With this feature we will try to kill the “copy and paste” boredom.
Instead of looking for the right text in your notepad, you’ll find it right there in the Ticket.

Just select it, insert it…

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Adormo upgrade – 1st of March 2012

This Update took long to prepare because we have created the Tickets.

But we’ve done a few new things too. Here they are:


Tickets are very important because now all the communication can happen inside the system and we have an environment where the Guest gets the best both worlds:

– The Owner’s knowledge about his/her apartment and neighbourhood
– The Manager’s knowledge of the whole area and the apartment (if visited)

This is new for all of us.

We have to find out the best way to use this new tool to make our Guests feel they’ve found a new way to reserve.

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Adormo upgrade – 2nd of December 2011

In this article I will write about the improvements we’ve done in the last two months.

Manager Profile

… and the Manager came to life!

Let’s face it: explaining things does not work. You must show them.

We’ve been working with Managers since the beginning but you could never see them in the websites so far.
So we added a Manager Profile where a guest can see: who he/she is, what she/he says, the languages he/she speaks, the Owners he/she manages and when his/her last login was.

I’ve been trying to reserve apartments in Berlin, Malta and Sofia lately (in other websites) and yes, I wish there was a Manager I could ask things to! Continue reading Adormo upgrade – 2nd of December 2011