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Job openings – Full stack developer is looking for a full­stack developer willing to work on a contract basis, with possibility of starting a more permanent collaboration at a later stage.

Who we are helps holiday accommodations owners to get bookings by placing their properties on several booking websites and synchronising requests and bookings in one centralised control panel.

Who you are

We are looking for a PHP and frontend developer. As a candidate,

  • You are comfortable working remotely and using remote communication tools such as video chat, forums etc.
  • You have a clear understanding of the most common OO patterns
  • You are expert in PHP 5.3+ and you are absolutely comfortable working with an MVC framework
  • You are used to working in a Linux­based environment
  • You are comfortable with SQL syntax and MySQL RDBMS
  • You have good frontend programming skills, in particular AJAX techniques and JQuery
  • You have worked with some kind of version control system, such as Git, Mercurial or Subversion.


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The Adormo story

Last week I met many mentors.
In order to make it more interesting I decided to first tell them my story.

I told it about 16 times and now I decided to write it down.
So, in case you want to introduce Adormo you can share it with your friends, investors and mentors.

It’s short (as 13 years can be),  and to the point.


2001 – the idea

I spent the year 2000 around Australia and Asia, came back to Italy determined to make some money online and travel forever and had an idea which could work.

It worked.

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How I created Airbnb before Airbnb and travelled the world for 10 years

Luca on the road

Me (Luca)  on a road in Western Australia during the Round The World.


In 2001 I was desperate for online money because I wanted to travel hard.
The previous year  I had left my export manager position in Italy and went to Australia  in search of exotic places, big spaces and everything else which would satisfy my great thirst for freedom.
After 7 months travelling in a van with old and new friends I was kicked out by the Australian immigration (I was selling websites but I was on a  tourist Visa)  and ended up in Bangkok, then Bali.

Asia opened a new world of possibilities to me.
It was exactly what I was looking for.
Distant cultures and spectacular landscapes  were great but what really excited me were the prices: it was really really really cheap.

I just needed the equivalent of 500 € a month to travel.
With that money I could stay in single rooms and eat out three times a day.

But after a whole year travelling I was almost broke so I took my flight back to Europe determined to do “something online” and travel forever.

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