Our 3D Floor plans

Recently I realized that in all online reservation listings in the world something is missing.

You see pictures, you read the description and yet…you don’t know how the apartment actually is.

Some people try to solve the problem with floor plans like this:

(Well, this one is particularly ugly, I did it on a blackboard myself!)

The trouble with 2d Floor plans is that you need to elaborate them with your brain to make sense out of them.
They help, but you don’t actually…see.
You try to imagine.

But since most of the times you are browsing apartments very quickly, you don’t have the time to make the effort to imagine.

So, you don’t know how the apartment really is when you book it.

We tried to partially solve this problem with this, again ugly…thing:

2d enhanced floorplan


It’s a a step further as it requires less brain power to elaborate.
But we were still not there.

But then I thought “what the hell! let’s make something really nice!”

And we came out with these :


2d enhanced floorplan

(click on the image to see them in full size, click on name to see the apartment)

Cà Tron

2d enhanced floorplan

Elise Court

2d enhanced floorplan

The following ones are from one apartment with three floors:

Avogaria, ground floor:

2d enhanced floorplan

Avogaria, first floor:

2d enhanced floorplan

Avogaria, second floor:

2d enhanced floorplan

Calle dei Balloni

2d enhanced floorplan

Aren’t they great?

We decided to show also some external parts, such as surrounding buildings because guests want to know if there’s a road or a quiet court, or what the real view is.

I think this is the proof that vacation rentals are still in their early phase and there will be many changes in the future.

On the bright side there are still many ways to improve the booking experience.

We think hard everyday to find ways to improve it.

How to get a 3D floorplan?

We do it for you for free when we cooperate.
We send you a professional photographer who will draw one by hand and then pass it to our designers.


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