Adormo Local Managers

Adormo on the wall In this article I will explain an Adormo local manager does. He (or she, but let me use “he” for comfort) is the local face of Adormo in  a particular city (or beach, area etc..).

The Adormo Local Manager is the start of everything.

So how does it work? Let’s see it point by point. The steps usually are:

  • Find New Owners

    Contact apartments/house/villa owners and let them know about this new possibility. This is done via cold emails , calling and, if the person has contacts, tapping in his network. Basically you let people know that Adormo has landed in town.
    On our end we do marketing campaigns in order to create leads.

  • Meet the Owners

    Visit the ones who are interested and explain how it works.

  • Close the deals

    For the Owner entry is free. We make money on commissions. Therefore, as far as sales go, it’s relatively easy to bring owners on board.

  • Find Photographers

    Find good photographers and train them how to take pictures and collect data. We have a very precise procedure for that.

  • Deliver the Data

    Give the complete listing to the Uploaders, so they can distribute it in the various portals. This basically means pictures and listing details (you create a listing and fill it in with a lot of data such as prices  and apartment features). Sometimes this task is performed by the Data Collector but at in end you are the one responsible for the accuracy of the data.

  • Help with Reservations

    Often there are questions about your city from guests.
    Our Reservation Managers usually reply 24/7 based on the local guide you will provide (see below).
    Sometimes the questions are specific and the Reservation Managers need your help.
    It’s your job to prepare the replies to these future questions before they happen, so Reservation Managers can reply quickly.

  • Write a local guide

    Write a short local guide to be used in the apartment location description, and adapt it to each apartment (how to reach the city from the airport  > how to reach this apartment from the airport). This starts small and basic but it grows.
    It’s basically a shield against Reservation Managers’ questions, so the more precise and updated it is, the less you work.
    In short: a good guide = no emails from Reservation Managers.

  • Keep Contacts with Owners

    Owners love it when they can talk to someone who is there and not in some distant office in another country. You are going to see them and meet them often. In case of doubts it’s you they call.

There will be more tasks, it’s constantly evolving and we are learning as we go.
You need to also let us know what the specifics of your area are and how we can help grow it.


Required skills

If you want to start working in a city you must be able to make things happen.

  • Sales

    You are not asking for money in advance but this is still a classic sales approach. You must be able to communicate with owners, avoid the ones which you think won’t cooperate professionally and find the hidden gems.

  • Execution

    We are very much procedure oriented and  have a precise roadmap on how to approach a city. You must be comfortable in following it but also to stop following it when it makes no sense in your city. Let us know in that case, we’ll probably need to improve the procedure.

  • Precision

    A mistake is replicated tens of times in the portals. So you have to be very careful and precise. The data you deliver is either perfect or poisonous.

  • Creativity

    Procedures are still pretty flexible, so you don’t have to simply execute but suggest ways to improve them.

Most of all you must be a person who understands the task, not to expect us to give you a solution for every problem you encounter on the way.
It’s your city, we don’t know it as well as you.

Having said that, we have your back covered and we see invest in your city.


There’s a fixed part and a commission part.|
It may be done part time or full time.
We’ll make a tailored offer according to the city.

Interested? Let’s talk!

Do you think that the area where you live has potential? Would you like to give it a try? Then contact us and let’s talk!

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