Apply Now, there’s never been a better time!

Time, Credibility and Cost chart


The best time to join Adormo is now.

We are charging you zero for a whole bunch of services such as photography, 3d plans, uploading and so on.

All the risk is on our side: if your apartment does not perform well, we lose money.

This has not happened so far because we know what we are doing and select the right people to work with.
We know our markets.

But as we grow and as more owners contact us from markets we don’t know, the more difficult for us it becomes to take the decision.
“Shall we invest in that apartment or not?” is the usual question.

At the moment we always to lean towards yes.
We take the risk and if all goes badly, we learn from that experience.

But with time people will  start to recognize Adormo as a real solution to their marketing and sales problem and we will become more picky.

At a certain point, in certain cities we will ask you to share the risk.
We’ll go: “your apartment looks nice, but we don’t know how you work. Will you provide a service which results in good reviews? So, let’s share the risk, you pay us 100 € to start and partially cover our costs”.

That’s fair, I think.

And then, as we become better at what we do, we may ask for more.
There are already talks of Basic, Silver, Gold (or whatever names) partnerships.
The Gold gives you all the services, but you pay for them.

The truth is that we don’t know where this is going, but one thing is certain: the best deal  is right now.
We’re hungry for business.

So, bring it on and don’t wait, Apply Now.


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