How to import your Airbnb calendar in Adormo

Airbnb calendar export

If you use your Airbnb calendar as the central one, you can use it to automatically update the Adormo calendar too.
Here’s how:

Import your Airbnb calendar in Adormo!


1) Go in your Airbnb calendar and click on “View calendar sync instructions”

Airbnb calendar export

2) In the popup window copy the link

Airbnb calendar export

3) in Adormo go to Apartment > Calendar
In the lower part of the page you’ll find:

import calendar in Adormo

Paste here the Airbnb link, add a name if you wish and click Add.

4) Done! Now you see some brown cells.
These are the dates blocked in Airbnb, now automatically blocked in Adormo too.
Every change in your Airbnb calendar will be automatically reflected in the Adormo calendar within one minute (we are among the fastest in the industry, others take hours).

import a calendar in Adormo



A couple of comments:

1) All dates are imported

If a date is blocked in Airbnb, it will be blocked in Adormo too.
No matter where the reservation is from.
It works both for Airbnb reservations, dates you blocked manually in Airbnb and even dates you imported in Airbnb from other calendars.
In short: all blocked dates in Airbnb will be blocked in Adormo too.

2) Nothing changes in Airbnb

Whatever you do in Adormo, nothing changes in Airbnb.
You are importing from Airbnb to Adormo: Adormo reads from Airbnb, it can’t write anything there.
So there are no risks to mess up your Airbnb calendar.
No, not even with a bug or nuclear explosion on the Adormo servers.

3) Not clear? It happens :)

Send us the Airbnb calendar export URL to [email protected] and we’ll add it for you.


Other calendars?

This works not only for Airbnb but also for Google Calendar, Homeaway, Yahoo Calendar and many others.
All you need is to find their iCal export link and follow the same procedure.

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