Adormo Honest Photography

Your usual apartment shoot shows the  best and hides the rest.
This, I think, is a legacy from past times when selling was done via brochures, marketing pictures and smiling people on the bed of your hotel.

But something has changed.

Today what really sells are reviews.

Or, more precisely, you make your first sales with pictures and all the other ones with reviews.
In the long term reviews will sell 90% of your nights.

So I think the way we take pictures has to change too.
We can’t afford to deceive guests with fish eyes lenses which make a tiny bedroom look huge.
We can’t hide the fact that the view is a wall, or the building entrance is a bit old.

We need to be more honest.

When we send you a photographer she will take about 100 pictures and 40 of them will end up in the portals.
Not the best 12, 40, sometimes 50.

The guests looking at the listing will know almost everything,  have less doubts, ask less questions  and will less likely be deceived by the reality when she comes to stay.

This reflects on reviews: high expectations are dangerous.

That’s why we also take pictures of the view, even if it’s not spectacular (well, here it’s quite nice):


and for the same reason we take boring pictures of the wardrobe.
They may not sell, but you, the guest, will know if there are hangers for your clothes.


And taking honest pictures forces us to avoid ugly apartments.
I mean, you know that a photographer can make an ugly place look beautiful, right?
But why bother with ugly places at all?

As a result we will only have nice places, with very complete listings and the booking experience will be much easier for anyone.

It’s a win-win-win (guests-owners-portals).
Except for the bad apartments of course.

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