The Adormo Reservation Team in Venice

Adormo Reservation Managers Team
from the left: Alessandro, Elitsa, Maria, Nadia

In January we brought a part of our reservation team to Venice so they could visit the apartments.
In a week they visited tens of them and they were able to “get the feeling” of the apartments, something pictures and descriptions can’t do.

Strolling in Venice

With a dedicated them 24/7 one of our strengths is speed.
We reply really quickly and this increases bookings.

We are less strong in terms or how well we know the apartments.
To bridge this gap we ask our photographers to take many pictures: they basically scan the whole apartment.
The unpublished pictures go then in an internal database and so we are able to reply to questions like “is the hairdryer powerful? I’ve got long hair” or “how many steps are there exactly? We are seniors”.
We can even show them the pictures to prove this.

If there are more doubts, we ask the owner.

Maria and Nadia visit and check the details of an apartment


But seeing the apartment with your eyes is a major step forward.

It allows the Reservation Team to provide a better service and feel more confident about replying to questions and suggesting solutions.
I really think the guest feels this!

The girls really loved the week, we think it’s been very useful on many levels and we hope to be able to repeat this experience in other cities soon!

Alessandro and the girls work in the apartment where they stayed.


Elisa plays the big boss in the super romantic Maddalena Gran Canal View apartment


Photographic session with mask

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