Owner Site at 99 Euro

We have simplified the Prices for the Owner Site and changed to 99 euro per year for any website with up to 50 accommodations.

The move has been planned long ago and these are the reasons:


  • Easy Pricing:

    The price list was complicated. Different prices according to the number of objects, discounts changing every month etc…this for sure caused some doubts and questions. Now it’s easy: 99 euro, all included. Go ahead.

  • Not for the Money:

    Owner Site
    is not our main business. We don’t really care to make money on them. What we want is people to use them for their online presence. Once you use the Owner Site, you will probably keep the calendar updated, your listing clean and generally take care of it. That means more and better listing for us.
  • The Website is Dead:

    No it’s not. But many Owners do not hope anymore to get “high in Google” with a small website. And they are right.
    But I think it’s really worth having your nice and clean website despite your search rankings.
    People don’t only come from Google. Just think about returning customers who can’t find you anymore.
    Anyway, the perception is that spending a lot of money in a website is not worth.
    99 euro per year should make it easy for many.

So, if you are a small and medium Owner, we now probably have one of the best solutions for your online presence.
Go ahead and try it for free!

1 thought on “Owner Site at 99 Euro”

  1. That’s a really good news! Also you increased the number of accommodations… that’s better, I think now it’s much more clear and we can give the opportunity to many owners to have an excellent product for a really cheap price.

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