Ordered and Filtered Search

Well, we did it! We’ve got some serious search now.

  • Automatic Price Calculation
  • Order by cheapest, most expensive, newest and recommended
  • Price range: min to max
  • Certified price filter
  • Number of bedrooms range

Let me explain briefly how this works:

Automatic Price Calculation

If the Owner entered all the necessary information about the price AND the Customer entered at least dates and number of people, we can give a price. More details are here.

If  the Owner did not, he/she will get less requests because we really want to present Customers with prices, not the usual see-my-great-price-table-it’s-full-of-so-many-interesting-prices-and-seasons-have-fun-I-know-you-have-nothing-else-to-do-with-your-life.


Order by cheapest, most expensive, newest and recommended

When the search is performed we show a list of results based on Recommended. Who gets on top? Well, we won’t really tell you all the secrets as we want to play Google here. Yes, we’ve got our secret algorithm too :)

Just remember that: it depends on how well the Owner works with us. The  algorithm tries to give the best results for the Customer in order to maximize his/her satisfaction and conversion (reservation).

If the Customer orders by price, only accommodations with a price which can be calculated will appear, another reason for the Owner to do his/her homework.

Adormo is not a place where you add your apartment and wait for reservations. We want to save work to the Customers, not to the Owners.
So, the only way is to keep the listing clean, complete and updated.

Price range: min to max

It doesn’t need explanation, does it?


Certified Price Filter

First we show listings with a Certified Price (the Owner signed with blood in a dark room full of candles and swore on his/her firstborn child that the price is correct and will respect it), then if the Customer unchecks the filter, he/she can see also the other results.
So, again, we try to avoid as much as we can to give “more or less price, please contact” because we want to make the Customers’ experience easy and fast.
But at the same time we understand that the price is not exactly as the Owner wants it, so we allow also the approximate prices, but they are second class citizens.

Number of Bedrooms range

When I search for 4 people, do I want to see the result for studios? Probably not.
Probably I want to see apartments with 2,3 or 4 bedrooms.
So, that’s what I get as the first result.
Adormo will automatically limit the range to 2-4 bedrooms.

Less time spent browsing means a happier Customer.

What if I do want to see a Studio because we are 4 very small people who love living very close to  each other?
Well, just change the filter!

Final Comments

Now we’ll see how it goes, study customers’s behaviour and improve it as we go. There’s still a lot we can do, we know, but it is already a great step forward, isn’t it?
As always your comments are more than welcome, we need them and appreciate them!



3 thoughts on “Ordered and Filtered Search”

  1. Oh yes, we were waiting for this!! I’m so curious to see the improvement for conversion rate, this should help a lot… if owners do their job of course :), but it’s also our duty teach them to work well, so, let’s see in the next weeks.

  2. This is a great improvement in usability, I’m sure that it will improve the conversion rate and the effectiveness of all the Adormo-based websites.

  3. Fantastic improvement! The website is very close now to other big brothers like Booking, HRS, etc. I hope in the next few months it will get even closer. The usability takes a big breathe.

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