The Tickets (Messages)

This is a very short Guide on how to use the Tickets we launched on the 1st of March 2012.
It tries to be simple, not comprehensive.

What are the Tickets?

You are an Owner and have one apartment in one of our websites.
A Customer sends a request.
You get a notification via email, click on the link and see the Customer’s message.
You reply.
The Customer gets a notification via email, clicks on the link and sees your message.
The Customer replies…and so on.

Oh good! I can talk to the customer directly!

Yes you can! But you can’t leave an email, phone number etc..we need the communication to stay in the system, so please don’t try to get out.
We’ll catch you :)

Who’s the Manager?

A Ticket is like a room and there’s at least 3 people:

– The Customer
– The Owner (you)
– The Manager

What does the Manager do?

– Helps you with the Reservation
– Helps the Customer: what part of town is the best? Which apartment do you suggest? How can I pay? And so on…
– Monitors: you don’t need to ask for help, the Manager will get into the conversation and help when needed.

What are the Private messages?

You can write a Private message to the Manager, the Customer will not see it.
The Customer can write a Private message to the Manager, you will not see it.
This allows you to talk to us there, in the same place, and you avoid sending an email like “regarding the request of Mr. Red, how can I ask him to pay?”. You can do this directly in the Ticket.

So, everything related to a specific reservation is in one place.

How does the reservation system work?

A Manager will teach you what to do case by case or will do it for you, don’t worry.
The more you learn, the faster you can work, but there’s no manuals to study, just do what you can.
We will automatize that too in the future.


Did you start to write something and a phone call interrupted you? No problem, your text is saved.
Even if you turn off the computer and come back tomorrow, it’s going to be there.
And, by the way, you can answer from home, all you need is in the cloud (there, I’ve said it, we’re in the cloud).


Yep, you can read and write from your smartphone, iPad or whatever you use on the go.
Is it as easy and comfortable as with a computer? No, but it’s good enough to keep you going.
A fast answer is critical to get a reservation.




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