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Bali. Alessandro meets Made and visits his house.

When you reserve an accommodation online you are alone.

Sure, you can (sometimes) talk to the Owner directly and often there’s a Customer Support number.
The trouble is: the Owner will try to sell you his/her accommodation and won’t probably be very objective while the Customer Support doesn’t know much about the specific accommodation you are interested in.

We try to fill this gap by Meeting the Owners, Visiting the accommodations and sometimes even Testing them (yes, we sleep there).

I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years in Eastern Europe and Guests really appreciate the feedback on that.

Now, we want to build Adormo around this concept: you are not alone, there’s a Manager for you there and he/she knows the Owners and the Accommodations.

As a first step we have just added the Verification Widget.
Here’s a recent example for, in Bali where me, Alessandro and Marco have met all Owners and visited all houses:

Very simple concept right?
Instead of just letting Owners add properties, Customer stay there and review them, which means basically not getting involved, we visit them first.

That adds a certain layer of safety and also lets us store very critical information about the place.
So a Manager can help Guests chose the perfect place.
Furthermore, we have a private record where we comment about the Owner’s behavior every time something good or bad happens.
It’s like a Police/Big Brother file for our internal use and it lets us direct Guests to the best ones.

Of course, we are not visiting all Owners and Accommodations, but we’ll try to do this with as many as possible and Guests now can see who we visited (we are adding all of them in the next weeks).

Note: in the example above you do not see any reference to the Tested status.
Tested is this: the Owner offers a free stay for a couple of nights to the Manager, usually during low season,  and the Manager reviews the place for the Guests.
This is similar to Customer Ratings (a feature we will of course add) but it’s more professional and objective.
It’s also very useful for the Owner because the Manager points out many details Guests overlook.
A classic: we almost never find a kitchen towel to dry hands! Very very annoying :)
I tested many places in the past and this is also quite powerful, as Guests feel this is not jut a bunch of pictures and hastily added description, but a place worth considering.

I am particularly excited about this feature because it’s the first one showing that Adormo is based on Manager and what Managers do.

Let’s see how it goes!

1 thought on “The Verification Widget”

  1. This is a great improvement for us all, people can really understand the work that is behind each website, it’s not like a person that sends email and wait for owners to join the website, we really move around, meet, talk, see and judge the owners and the accommodations.

    I’m sure customers will be happy about this.

    (I also look pretty in the picture :D )

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