Extras is a feature which lets you make clear what is included and what is not.
Here’s the list of the default ones:

  • Final Cleaning
  • Cleaning during stay
  • Bed linen and towels on arrival
  • Bed linen and towels change
  • Damage deposit
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Pets
  • Child Bed
  • Air Conditioning
  • Internet
  • Breakfast
  • VAT
  • Local Tax

If you fill them in carefully, we will be able to calculate the price precisely.
This will save work and time to both you and your customers.

Also, if customers see what is included and what is not, they will have less questions and feel more confident in reserving with you, rather than with other websites where the price seems nice but who knows what the real final price is?

Custom Extras

In the list above we tried to display all most used extras, but if you offer more services you can easily add them.
Let’s say you also sell spots on the beach with umbrella and chairs, why not add it here? Your customers will probably be happy to know that they can have this service from you and the price.


Price Calculation  > only for “Not Included (compulsory)”

When you define an Extra as “Not Included (compulsory)”, you are saying “you have to purchase this service and the price is not included”.
As silly as it may sound sometimes it makes sense, especially when you want to show our your price is composed of.
The most classic example is “Final Cleaning” in which you may say “Final Cleaning: 50 euro”: it has to be paid and is not included.

Right now we simply show the list of Extras and prices but in a few weeks the Price Calculation will be ready and all “Not Included (compulsory)” extras will be calculated in the price as you can see here:


If you define the currency in Euro, it means that you want to be paid in Euro.
Of course you can agree with the customer a different payment method if he/she wishes so, but in that case you decide the exchange rate.
Your right is to be paid, say, 50 euro not 67 U$ with the exchange rate decided by the customer.

Don’t worry about exchange rates then.

General Extras / Apartment Extras

We tried to make it very flexible for you: you can define the Extras to be general, valid for all apartments but then you can go in each apartment and define some exceptions.

E.g.: Internet is included in all apartments but in apartment C there is no internet.

Note: the first time you enter Extras, even if you are doing this from an apartment page, they are defined as General. So you don’t need to go to General Extras first.

Multi Language

As usual, any text you enter can be different in every language and is automatically translated.
Automatic translation is quite ugly for complex text so try to keep it simple.
Anyway, soon we will offer you a service to translate all those little texts and have perfectly translated content in all languages.

What now?

Well, do it :)

Having the Extras and letting us calculate the price exactly will mean in the near future being on top of searches.
Not having them will mean being at the bottom.

And giving customers the answers before they can ask the questions, makes life easier for all, doesn’t it?


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