Adormo is a Platform


When you add  your apartment (or house, villa, bungalow etc..) in Adormo, you are not adding it just one website.
You are adding it in potentially many websites.

It starts with one normally, but after that the Managers see it and may ask you to add it to their websites too.

The nice part is that you don’t have to do anything: you only update your pictures, prices, descriptions, calendar etc…once.
Any change is automatically and immediately reflected in all the websites you are part of.

You just have to say yes and wait for customers.


Have a look at the above example which may be easier to understand (domain names are fake).



Right now we only have Local websites: websites relative to a specific city or area, but later this year we will start creating also Niche websites (such as

If you build your own website (Owner Site) with Adormo, the concept is the same: you manage your calendar, pictures etc…and they are updated in all the other Manager Sites you are in.

So, this is what Adormo is about and this is why it’s not just a website or a reservation system.

It’s a platform.

1 thought on “Adormo is a Platform”

  1. Redistribution and sharing of user-generated content is the key to approach the market in these “social” times.
    In major tourist destinations (such as Rio De Janeiro and many others) niche sites are a great idea, that’s why I can’t wait to see them online!

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