How to become a Manager

When I first launched the Manager project I approached candidates as if I was going to hire them.
I spoke to the world and said “there’s 20 places and only the cream of the cream of the crop will get in. You need a very pure DNA and some of your ancestors must have at least invented something like the light bulb or the first laptop”.

The elitarian approach worked.
It triggered in some the “I got to get in before it’s too late” syndrome.
I had created demand by highlighting scarcity .
It was something close to Artificial Scarcity only that it was not artificial, as the number of places was really and honestly limited.
As a matter of fact I had chosen to create a small dedicated group first and a bigger one later, only when we had acquired enough experience.

Now the experience is acquired and digested and it’s the time to incorporate more Managers.
So I’m asking myself: shall I repeat this elitarian approach?

I think not.
I think it has some limitations and I need something better.
What happened in the first round is that all the market analysis and meetings gave me an idea of the person for what he/she COULD do, but not for what she/he WOULD do.

In other words, I could assest the potential but had no way to foresee the amount of energy and time they would actually dedicate to the project.

So, people I was expecting to perform well didn’t and, viceversa, people I was not so sure about… did great. Some did really great.

The problem is that I focused only on two things:

a) the market potential
b) the person’s skills

and completely forgot to judge on the person’s determination.

(read Paul Graham determination to see what I mean).

So,  I am giving up in trying to guess a person’s potential by looking in his eyes and dig in the deepest and darkest areas of his soul.
It’s time for facts from day one.

So, now it’s easier to give it a try.
A would be Manager can ask for a market, prepay a period of system use, be assigned a Tutor Manager and start the business from day one.
If I judge that the Manager could bring some value to the group I’ll ask him/her to join us.
If not, he/she can still be part of the project simply by paying the monthly Manager fee and work as an External.

I hope this approach will let us open new markets faster in a more efficient way and at the same time let us meet new and interesting people who will join the group and make it stronger.

You can find more about it and contact us here.

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