What’s an Adormo Manager?

A Manager is the person responsible for a certain city.

The Manager is the person who finds the Owners, goes to see them, visits the apartments/houses/villas, helps the Owners to add the accommodations in the system, explains how it works and supports them through their experience in Adormo.

The Manager also helps Customers get in touch with Owners, suggests them which Owners and accommodation is suitable for them and so on. He/She is the local contact the Customer can trust.

In case of problems for the Customer or Owners, the Manager is there to help. Always.

In other words the Manager is like the a Big Loving Mother who makes sure her children (Owners and Customers) are ok.

Advantages for the Customers

You, the Customer, have a local contact. Somebody who is there to help you with anything.

Normally when you reserve online you deal with

  1. A Website
  2. An Owner

The Website is not human and the Owner is biased.
In case of problems or questions you deal with Customer Service.
Customer Service is normally somebody who sits all day on the phone and earns a salary.
Fine with that, but let’s be honest: they don’t give a damn.
If you’re lucky Customer service is slightly interested in your problem and will try to help.
But his/her mind is probably on 5 pm when he/she can go home.
While you have a problem/question/doubt right now, and since it’s about your travels, it’s probably important and urgent.
(Note: let’s use “she” in this post from now on so I avoid the “he/she” thing) .

The Owner can be the coolest Owner in the world but she is not in the positions to help you.
She’s the seller and you are the buyer, and that makes things difficult.

With Adormo you have a Manager.
A Manager, first of all, makes her money on the reservations.
She does not earn a salary and 5 pm is not the time when she goes home and stops worrying about you.
A Manager is building a business and her major assets are reliable Owners and happy Customers.
Plus, unlike the Customer Service person, knows personally all Owners and has visited many accommodations.
She knows what she is talking about.

Advantages for the Owners

When you add your accommodation in an Adormo website, you become immediately an important person for the Manager.
Every time you have a question, just ask.

Sure, we have a Question and Answers system, where you find the answer or can ask one.
But maybe it’s more comfortable to simply send an email or pick up the phone?

Go ahead, the Manager is not hiding behind “our incredible online services where you find all the answers all the time” which is the bullshit we always get when dealing with big websites, isn’it?

So, just call the Manager and talk to a human being who cares.

Refreshing right?

What does a Manager do?

  • You chose an area. It does not have to be a city. It can be a beach, a mountain resort, a part of a region etc.. any place where people go.
  • You chose a domain name and build your website with Adormo (easy and fast).
  • You contact Owners and ask them to join and meet them.
  • You go to see the apartments, villas, houses etc… so when a Customer writes you know what you are talking about.
  • You build your online visibility and credibility (SEO, Social Networks).
  • You help Customers make their reservations.
  • You track the Owners’s behavior so you so know which ones are good and which ones are not. Slowly you’ll build a selection of best Owners you feel comfortable to work with and can suggest to your Customers.

All this will be done with the help of a Tutor Manager, one of the existing Managers, so, also in your case, you interact with a Human, not Customer Service.

Ok, that’s all the theory.
I guess in the future I should write about some interesting real world Managers stories.

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