– No More Lonely Bookings


That’s it. We found our soul.
I mean, Adormo’s soul.

After a long time during which my brain was deep into development mode, I started thinking a bit more marketing wise.

We are still mostly developing, as what we are, depends strongly on the platform we are building, but 2012 is the year when we’ll come out from the dungeons and will go around the world saying: “We are here too. Look what we’re doing”.

Right, what are we doing?

Many things, too many to mention to the casual passer-by who can dedicate 7 seconds to just another online reservation platform.

So, what can we say in 7 seconds?

To find out I started preparing a video. You know, one of those 60 seconds company profiles full of sliding images and cartoons with a light hearted music which makes you happy.

I love so much my baby that I started with the classic “the idea came to me in 2008…” and I quickly realized that was going to be as long as
“Gone with the Wind”.

So I had to cut mercilessly on what we are, what we do, why we are different and why there’s space for us out there.
The cutting has been painful but revealing: you need to be able to transmit your “special thing” in one sentence and this sentence you better be clear and strong. If you can’t then maybe there’s no special thing about  you.

So, what’s our motto?

No More Lonely Bookings

What does it mean?

It means that when you reserve a place in Adormo you are not alone.
There’s a local Manager, expert in the city you want to visit, who can help you with your reservation.
Because, let’s face it, you are alone when you use one of the big portals with 100.000 listings.

Ever tried to figure out where to stay in Paris? Where’s the good area for shopping? Or night life? Or safe?
If you are like me, you probably spent hours online in Wikipedia, Lonely Planet and countless other sites trying to figure this out.

Lately I was trying to reserve an apartment in Berlin as few Managers and me will attend the ITB (a tourism fair).
I wanted a place with easy access to the Fair but at the same time not too far from the centre so we could visit the city too.

It was pure hell.

There’s a couple of really good websites, localized enough, which divide the city in areas and write a description of the area, but that’s it.
They are much more informative than the global portals which are basically  listing whatever was added by owners, but it was not enough for me.

Why? Well, it turns out I don’t care how many KM I am from the Fair, I need to know how long it takes to get there.
After a while I found out I could use the great local Public Transport’s website where I could enter the departing and arriving stations and see the transfer time.
Great, I had to do this for each one of the 50 apartments I was considering.

In other words: in the internet there’s all the information I need but it takes really long time to find it, analyze it and process it.
I am now a Berlin expert, ask me anything, I have never been there.

There must be a better way, I want to reserve an apartment for a week, not live there forever, right?

In Adormo you simply ask the Manager, and he/she will suggest you a few places he/she actually knows. I mean, visited, personally.
You can interact with the Manager, ask all the questions you need to ask and in a few messages you have your answer.

So you get personal help from a local who actually knows what he/she’s talking about.
Try that in a big portal or your local brick and mortar travel agency.
And it’s not just about location, it’s about any need you may have.
How many times have you reserved a place with internet connection, only to find out the internet was some weak wireless signal coming from the street?
How many times you wanted to bring your pet and had to spend days looking for a pet friendly place? You know, checking the advanced search and hoping it was correct, emailing tens of websites etc..
I could go on forever.

If we succeed, before going anywhere else you’ll come to Adormo, see if there’s a Manager in the city you want to visit, and if not go elsewhere, sad and ready for a long dive into the abyss of the internet in yet another lonely booking.



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