All the eggs in one Airbnb – 2nd part

View from an apartment we recently added in Venice


Tl;dr: a list of reasons why you should try to get bookings from multiple sources. In this article: Reviews and Search Rankings (in Airbnb and similar)

back to the list:

3) Good Location

A good location usually stays good. Of course there may be  a mega-project which makes a nearby area better, they may shut down the metro/tram for a while or a new building obstructs your view and there’s construction noise for the next 6 months but…ok, let’s skip this one.
There’s greater dangers to worry about.

4) Good Reviews

One bad review and you may lose a lot of business.
You don’t have much control over this neither.
As I explained here bad reviews are almost certain.
Why? Because very good reviews build high expectations and high expectations mean deception.
So, if all your business comes from Airbnb and you get a bad review, you may lose a bit of it.
If a second one comes in the row, you may lose a lot.

Two months of construction work and no free bottle of wine at check-in will save  you.

4) Good Airbnb Search Results

There was a time when any decent website would get a lot of free, high quality traffic from Google.
Ah! Those were the times!
You could build a business with no marketing money.
Try it now.

Your listing is in the first page of Airbnb and you are getting many bookings?
Great, but what will you do when you drop in second page?

You will probably start trying to get back in the first page.
You’ll find out that updating calendars help, so you’ll update them daily. Then you’ll find out that having an Airbnb photographer helps and you’ll ask for one.
Then you’ll realize that content is king and you’ll write some better description.

Before you know it, you’ll be deep down in Airbnb Search Engine Optimization and many of your working hours will be dedicated to this new marketing thing.

It will work, as few people will be into it at the beginning.
Then everybody will start doing it and you’ll need to hire a professional.

Then, one day, being on top will be impossible.


What then?

I think the direction is not to keep all your eggs in one basket.
You could start working on a more balanced model now.
You are probably still on time:

  • improve your apartment and keep improving it with every feedback.
  • take professional pictures.
  • add it to many portals and get reviews from all of them.
  • create a nice website and let your customers book directly with you next time, saving on the Airbnb commission fee.

So whatever happens you’ll always have a plan B.

And, if you’re too busy, let us do it for you.

Yes, I admit it, these two articles were meant to prove that you may have a problem and that we may be the solution.
But if you agree that you’re standing on thin ice, please act now, with us or without us.

If you don’t agree, please let me know why, it will be interesting to discuss.

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