It’s a spider web in the web

For days I had been thinking on a good metaphor to describe a complete Manager Site, a website where all is in place and makes money with little effort.

The theory goes that once you  have found the apartments (villas, houses, riads….), prepared the website, got traffic and created credibility, your job is done: you can sit down, relax and simply watch the money come in.

This may sound too good to be true and I am not going to try to convince you otherwise, but I am experiencing this everyday with my own ugly, old, incomplete system.

Only one employee follows over 1400 apartments and assists Owners and Customers whenever they need some help.

Every day I simply see how much money gets in.

There is no more development, SEO or any special super Social Network cutting edge trick, just the basic Twitter and Facebook news about the latest ratings.

Does this make me a  lazy person?
No, of course, I have been working on Adormo because I want to improve this great way of earning my living and at the same time allow other people to do so.

So, again, I was thinking about a good methaphor until I saw a big, fat and black spider in my garden.

I had first noticed it three days ago, as he had just started building the web, which by now was ready.
It had somehow jumped from the roof to the banana leaf (or whatever leaf it is) and left one thread on which it climbed back leaving another thread and so on for days and nights in the sun, the rain, the wind and the neighbor smoke from burning leaves.
It never stopped while its victims, the mosquitos were having parties at my blood’s expense.
But now the party is over.

See, that’s what spiders do.
They work in silence, quietly, but constantly and when they are done, they simply sit and wait.
That’s better than hunting where the job is never really done and if one day you are sick or too hungry to hunt you are as good as dead.
That’s pure genius.

So I got my methaphor, served on a silver plate: it’s a spider web in the web.

What the Managers are actually doing, is creating a spider web, using Adormo as the basic material.
Some were already able to catch some customers, but their spider webs are not really ready, and many customers are still able to escape (cruel, I know).

So, let’s see what is still missing:

  1. Advanced Search
    A way for customers to find quickly what they are looking for.
  2. Price Calculation
    A way to calculate the price so the customer does not have to ask for it (and get other offers from competitors in the meantime).
  3. Book Now
    A way for the customer who wants to reserve now (and not start all those long discussions with the Owner) to do it.
  4. Tickets
    A way for the customer who wants to, to discuss all the smallest details before reserving.
  5. Add your accommodation (Manager Site 2.0)
    A way for Owners who visit the site to read the conditions, agree, add their accommodations without having to talk  to the Manager first (that’s another aspect of the spider web: catching owners).

When these are ready, assuming in the meantime traffic has been built, the spider web will be complete.
The Managers will catch more customers and won’t kill them and eat them of course, but hopefully provide them with the easiest reservation experience and best accommodation they could get for their money.

So, while our competitors are out there catching customers with the latest online marketing secret, we are silently building a web.
That’s going to be interesting.





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