The Italian network effect

In the above picture you can see the areas taken by Managers in Italy right now. This picture is interesting because it shows how important the networking effect has been so far.

I am originally from a town close to Venice, Padua and Treviso.

The first Managers, those who are in Adormo right now, mostly got to know me through my travel blog and the latter Managers started hearing from Adormo as a business.
None of the above have much to do with the area around Venice, they are both outward looking and globalized efforts.

What’s funny is that the covered areas seems to have developed around where I’m from.

You see that red circle? That’s where I’m from.
The rest of the interesting parts of North-Eastern Italy is taken (Treviso is “reserved” and we are discussing Padua right now).

As we get far from “me” we have more open space, the Wild West and the Far Centre and South.
We made it as far as Grosseto and have one Manager in Sicily but the rest has not been taken yet.

What’s interesting to note is that we never really pushed hard the Managers project: there’s been no marketing other than free organic “what we are doing – join us” communications in this blog, social networks and so on.

Word of mouth made the rest.

In the past I had several contacts with people from other parts of Italy who were interested to join but somehow we never reached the point to assign the area.
This, I assume, it’s because the network effect gets weaker as the distance increases.

So, today’s news is that the I am starting to feel the “scarcity effect”: I am getting more and more requests to get an area close to the assigned ones.
There’s the feeling that unless you move fast, the place will be gone.

While this is true, I suggest everyone not to fall into this trap: the success of your project does not depend much on how many taken areas are around yours. We’re not emperor penguins and do not warm each other like this.
Actually, it may be better to take an area with no neighbours, so you can expand later.

Give me some credit here. I could capitalize on the growing interest and lock in as many Managers as I can as soon as possible for fast growth.
The fact is, we need successfull Managers for long term growth, so we better go carefully.

If you are interested, do the market research, make sure you have the necessary time and energy  and jump on the train, but don’t look for the busy wagon, get the empty one, it’s more comfortable.

(I am a master in metaphors, I know, but the fact that I am on a Venice-Munich train right now may have helped).




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