Adormo Meetings: Pordenone (Italy) 30-31 July 2011 – Part Two

<< Continued from Part 1

Discussing SEO strategies considering the last Social Network trends

Marketing 2012

Next year we’ll be mostly done with the basic features of the system and we will devote more resources to marketing.
We’re planning to visit the ITB in March in Berlin and see what’s up, print some materials to present to Owners and new Managers (coordinated business card, flyers, folders and so on), online campaigns, media kits, statistics sheet and so on.

We haven’t done much so far in this aspect as we haven’t really cooked the whole cake yet, so it’s to early to shout around how good it is.
But next year we will and we better start now planning it.

Niche Sites

Three Managers have already purchased a Niche and are right now selecting the accommodations, setting up the websites, deciding the domain name and so on.
I guess that in a month or two we’ll see them in action and it will be very interesting to see how they go.
I really believe there is an untapped market potential for them as more and more people consider the Where just a variable and the How/What the constant: “I want to go somewhere on the beach on 15-30 August” or “I want to go somewhere I can do [Insert Activity] this spring“.

Next Meetings

Here’s the website dedicated to the meetings where you can see pictures of the past meetings and see where the next ones will be: Adormo Meetings. Keep an eye on it! Or follow us in Facebook / Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Adormo Meetings: Pordenone (Italy) 30-31 July 2011 – Part Two”

  1. Hi everybody,

    thanks for the meeting in Perdenone, july 31st.
    Thanks to fabrizio for the hospitality and to the group for the ‘struggling’ activity in improving Adormo’s features.
    I’m agree with Adormo’s marketing&communication lack and i would like to book a lift to Berlin in March. (but i i hope to hear from ASAP, of course)

    (with just one ‘L’, i’m not fabrizio’s girlfriend :-) )

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