Adormo Meetings: Pordenone (Italy) 30-31 July 2011

We forgot (!) to take a group picture and honestly after all the wine we did not look that good. So I decided this home made lasagna will take care of building our online reputation.

Last weekend we had our 9th Adormo meeting in a nice old country house in Pordenone, North Eastern Italy.

Fabrizio and Michelle, two new Managers for Bratislava, kindly invited us in their “party” house and we spent a nice couple of days talking, eating home (papà) made lasagne,  bbq and pizza, and playing table tennis and table football.

For some mysterious reason Fabrizio thought that the Adormo meetings are about having fun while business is taken care by the Apache server (yes, I said that eventually it will kind of look like this for Managers but not just yet!!!) and he was shocked when he found out he had to wake up at around 8:30  (10 am being a closer target for a weekend) and that “no, we are not going to play table football right now, we have to discuss marketing for 2012”.

At the end we found a good balance, working hard and giving up at around 5 pm on Sunday, when the kids were finally free to play.

There were about fourteen of us plus some potential Managers on Sunday.
Here below you will find what we discussed about :

How was the summer?

This was our first meeting in six months (except the mini-meetings eating food street in the room in Bangkok with Alessandro and Andrea) and for most it was the first where they could say they had made some money.

Reservations started coming in in the spring and became common during the summer, so we listened to the various experiences and discussed various strategies.

Adormo Manager’s site have started to generate income for some, and the future looks good!

Reservation Centre

Sooner or later we will have a Reservation Centre, open 24/7 where a Customer can call to get assistance.
It’s early now but I wondered if we could try it for a week or so.
If three or four Managers work on this and make shifts, we can open one SkypeIn number and receive calls.
The Reservation Manager would need full access to all reservations and could check online the situation.

The test would tell us wether Customers feel safer knowing there is a place to call 24/7 and my bet is that 5% will call and the others will not, but reservations will go up because of the increased sense of security.

In order to do so, we have implemented yesterday an Admin privilege system so it’s fast to give any Manager access to all requests.

I guess we will try this soon then!

Development Priorites

The magnetic board did not fit in the car so we used the tennis table

Priorities have been discussed and voted previously in our private forum so I already had a pretty clear picture of the next steps.
Here’s what I was planning to do next:

  1. Gmaps 3 > done
  2. Translation Manager
  3. Code optimization
  4. Tickets
  5. Ratings
  6. Manager Site 2.0
  7. Book Now
  8. Advanced (filtered) search
  9. Adormo Booking

but we have two changes now:

The first one is relative to the Adormo Booking which basically means that, when this is launched, you wont’ see this home page anymore

Adormo Project


but you’ll see instead something like this

Adormo Bookings will look better, but that's the idea

This was asked by Enrico, a potential Manager who flew in from London to meet us.
The problem is that I always planned to launch it at the end, when the system was complete and we do not have the Admin capabilities yet to manage it.

The idea is that if we launch it sooner, it will be easier for Managers to collect accommodations, because Owners will see a 2000 objects strong website and not a small wanna-be new domain name.
And yes, why not? The system looks good enough already even if it’s far from complete.
Domenico then made us realize we could simply create a new Manager Site under and we don’t need to do any code change.
The problem is that objects will be under
and not the more elegant

plus we have the home page problem… what are we going to show there?
So, I came back home, talked to our developer and we are now testing the possibility to have it all under
with the home page as above. That would be perfect.
I already have this in my staging server and so far it seems working, apart from some minor session problems.
If all goes well, we can go online soon.
But in development nothing goes well immediately, so don’t bet on it yet. It may still take time.
The Project website won’t die of course and will stay under so potential Manager and Owners can see what we are all about.
We are also trying to see if we can create a new template based on the Project look and feel so that the website looks the same in every part.

What I can say now it’s that we are on it and that I can’t give any deadline.

The second change is about Manager Site 2.0 which is composed of a series of features, some already done, some to do.
I decided to develop sooner the “Verifications Widget” , part of Manager Site 2.0, which contains all information about “Owners we met – Accommodations we visited – Accommodations we tested”.

This will be the first time our Customer realize there’s something special about us: that we are local, meet the Owners, visit the apartments and even sleep in some!

To be continued

I have more to say but I see I’ve written too much already, so stand by for a second part of this Adormo Meeting report.

Thank you Fabrizio and Michelle, I am sure we will be back!

Edit: here’s Part 2

5 thoughts on “Adormo Meetings: Pordenone (Italy) 30-31 July 2011”

  1. Great stuff!
    Not only in London a “global website” is better, I have been trying it in Sardinia and everybody listen when I say we have 2,000 aparts in our website and when I mention that we also have local website nobody cares!
    Guys try to say to a potential owner on the phone “I’m calling from London, I work for an international website opening in your area” and you’ll see the results.

    1. I did not consider the “I am calling from London” effect..sounds more professional than “I am calling from Cagliari”, doesn’t it? :)

  2. “We are also trying to see if we can create a new template based on the Project look and feel so that the website looks the same in every part.”

    This is a great idea!

  3. Luca,

    I’m making phone calls from Cagliari on skype saying “from London” I tried the from “Cagliari” and “new website” and people asked me about the brand of vacuum cleaner I was selling!! I swear..

    1. good, there’s good margins on theVorwerk vacuum cleaner. Don’t miss a chance :)
      Anyway, each market needs to be read and it seems you did. You live in London so what you say is true.

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