Adormo bookings is online

We launched the reservation website and it’s right in!

After so long, finally I won’t need to explain anymore what Adormo is.
Our web page will show it in a much clearer way than any words.


Adormo Home Page 28th of November 2011

You can reserve there. That’s what most people need to know.

Of course, it’s more than that:

  • It’s original and more human centered than the other big portals, meaning that we add value in a way clever scripts can’t really do.
  • There are Managers travelling the world looking for better places to stay, visiting them and meeting the Owners.
  • For us is more than a job or a start-up get-rich-quick scheme, but a life changing project.
But all this does not really matter, at least when somebody first comes to the home page.

What matters immediately to our guests is that they can reserve a good place to stay, it’s easy and it’s safe and we’ll do all we can to help them chose the right one for them.

And the home page we built tries to give exactly this message.

I like to think that our guests will go through something along these lines:

Come the home page, see something nice and a bit different, decide to stay 5 seconds more, read a bit more and realize that maybe they should try to make a search, see that the search results are well organized, read that a place has been actually visited by a Manager who even took pictures, decide to search for more, send a request, realize that they can speak to the local Manager and that the local Manager actually knows the city and can suggest something good, at the right price, with the right characteristics and in the right area, realize that sophisticated filters and maps are fine but nothing can replace the knowledge of a local and finally decide that Adormo is really a great way to reserve and…make a reservation.

So, I like to think that we are creating a really new way to organize your trips because we travelled a lot, really a lot, and we did not spend our time in an office trying to make money with some clever scripts, but we are building something which solves a real problem:

how to reserve the right place, not just any place.

Adormo is not just a bunch of random apartments, houses and villas uploaded by owners and rated by guests with different tastes and expectations.
It’s a more organized, human centered environment where real people help you with your reservation because unless you know the city well, you need help.

All this is hard to show in one home page, and we will keep improving it until we find the perfect balance.

Wish us good luck!



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