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Last month we went to Grado, a beach resort in the North East of Italy, quite close to Trieste to see how we could enter that market.

The initial idea was to find a local Manager who would join us and open a website with us.
So we visited several local agencies and we soon found out that the easiest way was to assign the job to Pier, our Manager for Lignano and Bibione, as he’s already been successful in opening those markets, rather than train somebody from there.

Pier lives close to Grado so he can drive there as often as needed.

We started cooperation with a couple of local agencies.
Local agencies are just like owners in this part of Italy. They have the keys, take care of cleaning, check-in, check-out and so on.

It took us a few days to Pier to upload the apartments, create the website, and translate it.
And here it is: http://www.gradoholiday.com

As in Lignano and Bibione what we bring on the table is a more organized website where you can see the actual apartments you are reserving and not just Type A and Type  and Type C as in so many local websites.

So now we have covered the whole North Adriatic: Grado, Lignano, Bibione, Caorle, Jesolo, Venice, Ferrara and Ravenna.


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The only missing city is Sottomarina/Chioggia, south of Venice.
We also went to Istria, in Croatia, but that’s another story and we’ll let you know when we have a website there.

If you are a local professional and would like to open an Adormo website in you area, contact us, we are always looking for partners!


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