Our new website in Sottomarina/Chioggia, Italy



In the previous article I was writing “The only missing city is Sottomarina/Chioggia, south of Venice.”
Well, no more!

Sottomarina is a beach resort and Chioggia is basically its old town resembling a lot to Venice.
Some use it as a base to explore Venice and the surroundings avoiding the crowds.

The picture in the home page shows a Spritz, a local aperitive. Have one when you visit Veneto!
In the background you can see some houses and you’d be forgiven to think it’s Venice.

Anyway, we went to have a look, talked to some agencies and found some potential partners.
As right now we are in the middle of the summer, everybody is really busy and it’s not a good time to sit down and discuss details.
So we decided to build the website in the meantime and see what traffic picks up. Here’s the Sottomarina apartments website.

In September we’ll be back and hope to have a good local Manager.

Our aim as usual is to have partnerships with established agencies/individuals who know the city and are able to assists our guests in the best possible way.

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