The FlipKey Calendar import problem

Flipkey, as many other portals now, lets you IMPORT your Google Calendar  so you don’t need to manually update the Flipkey calendar every time you have a reservation/cancellation.

Unfortunately Flipkey does this differently from other systems as Airbnb.


Portals usually consider Nights

When you block your dates in Google Calendar, you usually block nights:


In this example the blocked nights are 10, 11 and 12. Check-out is on the 13th. So:

Check-in: 10
Check-out: 13
Nights: 3

This is pretty simple to remember: you see 3 blocked nights on the calendar, you have blocked 3 nights in the apartment.

Most portals understand it this way.


Flipkey considers Check-out

Flipkey interprets it differently. The above picture for them means:

Check-in: 10
Check-out: 12
Nights: 2

So this is what you’ll find in Flipkey after the automatic import which they perform every few hours:

The 12 is be considered as free by Flipkey but in reality it’s not!

So, what should you do in Google Calendar if you need to block these dates correctly in Flipkey? This:


But all the other portals will consider the 13 as blocked, while it’s actually free.

The problem is that you want to keep only one Calendar updated and let the Portals import it automatically right?
Well, with Flipkey you can’t.

We contacted them and the response has been:

Typically, users on our site user HomeAway, AirBnB, or Google calendars to sync their FlipKey calendars. With all of these calendars, half days are used. Hopefully this is something we will do in the future to avoid confusion. Sorry again for the inconvenience.


So, for now our suggestion is to follow the most common way: block nights, not check-out dates (as in the first picture) in your Google Calendar and then you go in Flipkey and manually add one night at the end.


Same problem with HouseTrip?

Housetrip seems to interpret it in the same way as Flipkey but when we contacted them they simply adjusted our calendars and now it works as expected. So, all you need is to email them.


So why is Flipkey wrong?

Well, it’s not wrong. They interpret it differently.
If everybody did the same, then the others would be wrong.
The point here is there is no shared standard about calendars yet.
The “consider the nights” way seems more common so we use it. That’s it.


3 thoughts on “The FlipKey Calendar import problem”

  1. I recognize the problem: During processing of a booking our Calendar syncing system will take you into Flipkey and automatically adds one night at the end of the entire stay…

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