Adormo stats: where we are now

8 months since Beta launch:

  • 53 websites (24 Manager Sites and 29 Owner Sites*)
  • 1500 Accommodations
  • 16 Managers
  • 400 Owners
  • 12 Countries
  • 25 Cities

What’s next?

Well, we are mostly still deep into development right now but soon we’ll start moving 1000 more properties from our old system.

At this rate by the end of the year we’ll probably have 3000/4000 properties.

Then we’ll open the doors to accommodations everywhere in the world.
It’s going to be fun, I can’t wait :)


* Manager Site: a website with many Owners and accommodations. Who owns it? A Manager
Owner Site: a website with accommodations from one Owner. Who owns it? An Owner

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