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How Adormo was funded by its future customers

When I started this business ten years ago I had just 2500 euro (in Liras) left in my pocket.
I had left my job and spent one year traveling in Australia and Asia, so I was close to broke.
I was supposed to go back to work.

But I desperately wanted to keep travelling and I had an idea: online apartments reservations.

So i drove from Venice to Prague’s railway station, where I made a few agreements with apartments owners,  built a site in geocities (!) and I got my first reservation a few days later.
It was a glorious moment: money online. Wow.
So I started this, and the litte profit I made (after living and travelling expenses) was always reinvested.

I never asked money anyone.
No funders, Angels, VCs. Just me.

But when, a couple of years ago,  I had the new idea for Adormo I knew I was going to need  some capital.
It was a big project, too big for me alone. Continue reading How Adormo was funded by its future customers