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How to become a Manager

When I first launched the Manager project I approached candidates as if I was going to hire them.
I spoke to the world and said “there’s 20 places and only the cream of the cream of the crop will get in. You need a very pure DNA and some of your ancestors must have at least invented something like the light bulb or the first laptop”.

The elitarian approach worked.
It triggered in some the “I got to get in before it’s too late” syndrome.
I had created demand by highlighting scarcity .
It was something close to Artificial Scarcity only that it was not artificial, as the number of places was really and honestly limited.
As a matter of fact I had chosen to create a small dedicated group first and a bigger one later, only when we had acquired enough experience.

Now the experience is acquired and digested and it’s the time to incorporate more Managers.
So I’m asking myself: shall I repeat this elitarian approach? Continue reading How to become a Manager

What’s an Adormo Manager?

A Manager is the person responsible for a certain city.

The Manager is the person who finds the Owners, goes to see them, visits the apartments/houses/villas, helps the Owners to add the accommodations in the system, explains how it works and supports them through their experience in Adormo.

The Manager also helps Customers get in touch with Owners, suggests them which Owners and accommodation is suitable for them and so on. He/She is the local contact the Customer can trust.

In case of problems for the Customer or Owners, the Manager is there to help. Always.

In other words the Manager is like the a Big Loving Mother who makes sure her children (Owners and Customers) are ok. Continue reading What’s an Adormo Manager?

It’s a spider web in the web

For days I had been thinking on a good metaphor to describe a complete Manager Site, a website where all is in place and makes money with little effort.

The theory goes that once you  have found the apartments (villas, houses, riads….), prepared the website, got traffic and created credibility, your job is done: you can sit down, relax and simply watch the money come in.

This may sound too good to be true and I am not going to try to convince you otherwise, but I am experiencing this everyday with my own ugly, old, incomplete Apartmentoski.com system.

Only one employee follows over 1400 apartments and assists Owners and Customers whenever they need some help.

Every day I simply see how much money gets in.

There is no more development, SEO or any special super Social Network cutting edge trick, just the basic Twitter and Facebook news about the latest ratings. Continue reading It’s a spider web in the web