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Adormo upgrade – 5th of May 2011

Hey all,

we decided to upgrade more often, more or less once or twice a month, for these reasons:

  • It makes it easier for us to update the system.
  • Allows you to get used to the new features.
  • Gives a feeling of smooth development: constant and easy.
  • These blog post updates are shorter so there are more chances you read them :)

Ok, so, what’s new today?

1) Multi language (ML) > Edit all languages in one screen

Now, if you have been working on Adormo for a while, this is your erotic dream made true.
In the dark ages before today, when you wanted to change some text, e.g. the apartment description, you had to do this manually for each language. That meant 9 times for each text for the bigger sites.
I know some people who gave up the Adormo dream and got a job at the local post office in order to avoid the pain.

But now this is over.
All you have to do is to click on the little many-flags icon and voilà, you get all languages in one screen!

Here’s the sexy one:          

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Adormo upgrade – 29th of March 2011

Hello everybody,

We’ve got some more good news today: another upgrade!

Stop right there…this IS good news, it’s not more technical stuff to learn in order to stay updated with an ever changing world.
It’s  a “you can do more things in less time” upgrade, mostly.

As you may have noticed we prefer to upgrade often and add a few things, rather than change your life every six months.

A nice side effect is that I can keep the blog posts short.

Here’s the news:

New Features

1) Public Dynamic Fields (Details)

When you add an apartments, you can insert all the necessary details. This you know.
But it may take a bit too much time, especially for new owners, who just opened an account.

So we created the Public Dynamic Fields: basically ready-made usual details everybody uses.

It’s worth using them as we will take care of the translation, so your page will look more professional even to the Chinese :)

(they are not translated yet, we are still building the perfect list)

Another improvement is that you can order them now: just drag and drop single items or entire categories.

If you have already done your Details, we suggest to wait. Come back in a couple of months and see if our Public ones are better for you.

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