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Adormo upgrade – 20th of September 2011

Small upgrade today.

Search Widget > Fast Autosuggest

When you start typing a location name, the system suggests some. It used to take a couple of seconds. Now we hired one of those guys who honk 0.012 seconds after the traffic light has become green and we are almost as fast.

Try it out on LagoMaggioreApartments.com where there’s many different locations. Continue reading Adormo upgrade – 20th of September 2011

The Verification Widget

Bali. Alessandro meets Made and visits his house.

When you reserve an accommodation online you are alone.

Sure, you can (sometimes) talk to the Owner directly and often there’s a Customer Support number.
The trouble is: the Owner will try to sell you his/her accommodation and won’t probably be very objective while the Customer Support doesn’t know much about the specific accommodation you are interested in.

We try to fill this gap by Meeting the Owners, Visiting the accommodations and sometimes even Testing them (yes, we sleep there).

I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years in Eastern Europe and Guests really appreciate the feedback on that.

Now, we want to build Adormo around this concept: you are not alone, there’s a Manager for you there and he/she knows the Owners and the Accommodations. Continue reading The Verification Widget

Adormo upgrade – 3rd of August 2011 – Google Maps API 3

This upgrade is mostly making your Maps faster and more powerful.

We have upgraded to the last Google Maps API Version 3 which, in Google’s words “is especially designed to be faster and more applicable to mobile devices, as well as traditional desktop browser applications.”.

1) Fast Maps

Now you can see maps with hundreds or thousands apartments in a few seconds. This is the single most important change for this upgrade.

2) Clusters

We have added Clusters, which are basically showing the number of apartments instead of hundred of flags. Click them and you zoom in.

See Adormo’s map:

Continue reading Adormo upgrade – 3rd of August 2011 – Google Maps API 3