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Adormo upgrade – 29th of March 2011

Hello everybody,

We’ve got some more good news today: another upgrade!

Stop right there…this IS good news, it’s not more technical stuff to learn in order to stay updated with an ever changing world.
It’s  a “you can do more things in less time” upgrade, mostly.

As you may have noticed we prefer to upgrade often and add a few things, rather than change your life every six months.

A nice side effect is that I can keep the blog posts short.

Here’s the news:

New Features

1) Public Dynamic Fields (Details)

When you add an apartments, you can insert all the necessary details. This you know.
But it may take a bit too much time, especially for new owners, who just opened an account.

So we created the Public Dynamic Fields: basically ready-made usual details everybody uses.

It’s worth using them as we will take care of the translation, so your page will look more professional even to the Chinese :)

(they are not translated yet, we are still building the perfect list)

Another improvement is that you can order them now: just drag and drop single items or entire categories.

If you have already done your Details, we suggest to wait. Come back in a couple of months and see if our Public ones are better for you.

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